Divna High Alkaline Oligomineral Pink

From the Saint Sava spring in the village of Odmenje on Golija mountain. Exceptionally high levels of dissolved oxygen and high pH levels (alkalinity). Bacteriostatic effect and overall positive effects on the human body.

Climbing to the surface of the Earth from the village of Odmenje on the mountain of Golija, the spring of Saint Sava, this Divna® Water passes through volcanic rock, bringing with it the highest quality, most essential minerals and trace elements required by man.

Many use this Divna® Water to cure and prevent a plethora of diseases. Owing to its low dry residue, its exceptional balance of minerals and elevated alkalinity (pH 8.1), it has a diuretic and bacteriostatic effect. It has an exceptionally favorable effect on renal and urinary tract diseases, in chronic renal infections, infections of the urinary tract and prostate, in kidney stones, as well as post-renal and urinary tract surgery, and in diseases of digestive organs, skin diseases and urinary infections (as officially verified at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine, Department of Balneoclimatology).

The unique mineral composition of this Divna® Water has significant quantities of selenium – a rare trace element and exceptional antioxidant. The content of natural dissolved oxygen (10.37mg/l) ranks it first in oxygen quantity. Due to its low sodium content, people not permitted to use table salt, and those suffering from high blood pressure can also consume it.

This Divna® Water has been known since ancient times. he first written record of it appeared as early as the 12th century. Documents from the monastery of Studenica state that in 1208 in Serbia’s first hospital (located on monastery grounds) this Divna® Water was used to heal wounds and prepare balms for treating various diseases. Centuries later, in search of health and recovery, people kept coming to the “healing spring” on these mountaintops, known among the people as “Sava’s spring”. Legend says that the spring appeared when Saint Sava, upon passing through this area, stopped to rest and touched the tip of a rock with his staff – causing clear healing water to spring from it…

1 l of this Divna® High Alkaline Oligomineral Water contains (mg):

Calcium (Ca2-)
Bicarbonates (HCO32-)
Magnesium (Mg2+)
Chlorides (Cl)
Sodium (Na+)
Sulphates (SO42-)
Potassium (K+)
Nitrates (NO3)

pH: 8.1 Dissolved oxygen (O2): 10.37 mg/l
Nitrites (NO2): < 0.002 mg/l Silicates (SiO2): 24.1 mg/l
Dry residue at 180°C: 132 mg/l

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