Divna High Alkaline With Magnesium Green

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From the village of Kremna, the birthplace of the legendary Tarabic prophets. High alkaline water reduces the acidity of the body, improving its resistance to diseases and aging. It contains high levels of Magnesium and low levels of Sodium.

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This Divna® Water originates from the birthplace of the prophetic Tarabić family – the village of Kremna.

With its lush pine forests, the region of Kremna sits at an ideal altitude of 800 meters, which, in the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia, is a feat shared only by the regions of Pale and Kranjska Gora. Because of such a healthy natural environment (in terms of air and water), Kremna is the oldest inhabited site in Western Serbia (as far back as 5000 BC). The permanent and reliable quality of this Divna® Water is also supported by the presence of numerous mineral spring spas in the Kremna region and the surrounding areas.

In regard to its alkalinity, this Divna® Water is an absolute record breaker (far beyond the borders of Serbia) with a pH of 9.2 – 9.5, depending on the season.

By balancing your body’s pH level, a high alkaline mineral water improves health to a much greater extent than any other food or supplement.

High alkalinity decreases the acidity of the body, raising its resistance to diseases and aging.

An elevated level of magnesium (54.9mg/l) has a positive effect on muscles and the cardiovascular system, while low sodium content (13mg/l) makes this Divna® Water suitable for unhindered use by people suffering from high blood pressure.

Scientists emphasize that in modern times most people are at an elevated risk of magnesium deficiency, due to its reduced content in food, the increased consumption of refined foods, and the use of medicines that cause its excretion from the body. Lack of magnesium in the body is also linked to stress and alcoholism.


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